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Botox Cosmetics ®

Kelleher Cosmetic - BotoxBotox relaxes muscles that create lines and wrinkles (e.g. frown lines or crow’s feet) giving the face a more youthful look.

Sclerotherapy – For Spider and Small Veins

Kelleher Cosmetic - SclerotherapyAt one time there was no alternative to surgery in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. Sclerotherapy was developed over 75 years ago and today this non-surgical procedure is one of the most common treatments for spider and varicose veins.

Foam and Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy - For Large Veins

Echosclerotherapy TreatmentUltrasound-guided sclerotherapy, also known as echosclerotherapy, is used to treat varicose veins that are difficult to see and reach. By using an ultrasound machine, deeper veins are easier to visualize, dramatically lowering the need for surgery.

Juvederm ® – family of Products

Kelleher Cosmetic - JuvedermA Juvéderm™ treatment is an easy and instant cosmetic enhancement that gives you a refreshed look. It smooths wrinkles and restores volume – reversing the signs of aging. It can also be used to enhance facial features such as your lips and cheeks, adding fullness and definition with a natural look.  Ultra XC, Ultra XC Plus, Voluma, Volift and Volbella.


Kelleher Cosmetic Voluma Before and AfterThe newest trend in the science of facial rejuvenation is replacing lost volume to restore and enhance the youthful contours of the face. Juvederm VOLUMA is a specialized product from Juvederm, the leading facial filler in Canada. Juvederm Voluma uses hyaluronic acid, a sugar that occurs naturally in your skin, to instantly restore lost facial volume in the cheeks and contour the chin and jawline area. Juvederm Voluma also combines with collagen and elastin to improve skin structure and elasticity, and create a smooth look. The results are instant, natural-looking and last up to 18 months. Plus there’s no downtime – most people resume normal activities immediately. 


DermaPen 3

Dermapen 3 is an advanced skin  needling treatment which promotes scar-less healing and increased production of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the side effects and downtime.  Dermapen 3 is recommended for the treatment of aged and sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, scars and much more.



JetPeel  is an advanced aesthetic treatment device that allows practioners to administer a range of non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures with outstanding results.  From lymphatic drainage through exfoliation to needle-free sub-dermal therapy.



Kelleher Cosmetic - MicrodermThe Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion skin renewal process is used to treat superficial skin damage caused by aging, sun exposure or injury.



Laser Hair Removal

Soprano XLi  is a state of the art procedure specially designed to remove unwanted hair faster and more comfortably with gentle pulses of laser energy.Soprano XLi  is a state of the art procedure specially designed to remove unwanted hair faster and more comfortably with gentle pulses of laser energy.




Kelleher Cosmetic - Photodynamic TherapyPhotofacials are full face, neck and/or chest treatments using pulses of light that effectively improve rosacea, flushing, broken capillaries, sun damaged skin, age spots and skin texture. This is a non-invasive method to rejuvenate and improve the skin. You can resume normal activities immediately.


Sheerwave Body Contouring / Skin Tightening

Non-invasive ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies are used to reduce cellulite, remove excess fat and improve elasticity and tone in targeted areas.

Skin Care Lines

  • Latisse
  • Glo Minerals Makeup
  • Vivier
  • Skin Tx
  • Colorscience Sunforgettable
  • TIZO Mineral Fusion Solar Protection